How to Establish an Empowerment Culture for RCM

Traditional methods of revenue cycle management (RCM) are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to maintain, especially in the modern accelerated adoption of remote workforces and work-from-home teams.

3 Considerations for Better Revenue Cycle Vendor Management

It may seem obvious that a strong revenue cycle simply requires healthy revenue in the first place. Yet when healthcare organizations manage RCM vendors, complexity can cloud visibility into profitability and increase collection costs.

Leveraging Revenue Cycle Management’s Most Useful KPI: Yield

Healthcare may be the only industry where interpreting monthly revenue cycle performance is more art than science. Traditional revenue cycle analysis uses reports based on metrics such as days in A/R, denial ratios, net collections calculations, and adjustments.

Employee wellbeing critical to WFH success

In 2020, during the initial stages of the global pandemic when just about everyone was forced to go home to work, activities such as video coffee breaks, lunches and happy hours brought team members together.

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