Unlocking High-Performance Rev-Cycle Operations

Empower your team to improve efficiency and reduce costs with tools, support and on-demand resources that integrate with your systems and staff to match the scope of your goals.

Rev-Cycle Management

Higher Yield and Lower Cost

Our approach to high-performance operations is based on a shared governance model. Maintain existing talent and integrating current vendors and technology with the Currance Rev-Cycle YieldSM System.

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Rev-Cycle Support

Partnering with You at Every Level

Practical, meaningful, embedded improvement working side-by-side with your team, we partner at every level across your organization to adopt the Currance approach to revenue cycle management.

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Flex Workforce

Available When You Need Support

Achieve optimal efficiency and flexibility with a dedicated team of highly trained and certified virtual resources. Meet your variable staffing needs with flexibility as your revenue cycle operations ebbs and flows.

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Key Elements for Success

The Currance Rev-Cycle YieldSM System provides a clear focus and direction for all revenue cycle activities based on four key elements for success:


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Partnering to Take Revenue Cycle Performance to the Next Level

Our scalable, cloud-based solutions are purpose-built to surface, prioritize and rectify problems in revenue cycle operations, accelerating cash, improving predictability and resource utilization while reducing costs and inefficiency.

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