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Performance Partnering

Maximizing yield throughout your operations

We aim to fill a strategic need by helping you address revenue leakage and focus your organization on maximum liquidation of earned revenue. The Currance Rev-Cycle Performance Solution is designed to help you understand why reimbursement falls short of expectations, be it from broken or slow workflows, documentation errors or noncompliance with different payer agreements.


Our world-class team of analysts and yield domain experts work in partnership with your operations team to make measurable operational and financial improvements sustainable. We ensure you have the best tools, processes and people to maximize liquidation of earned revenue and offset shrinking margins.

Solutions Design & Governance

Your tailored solution and governance model expertly guides deployment of goals, metrics and performance improvement methods throughout the organization. Leadership dashboard tracks overall revenue cycle yield by department breakdown and payer performance to benchmark.

Best Practice Playbooks

Our Professional Services Team documents management standards and practices for each organizational role from vice president to team level to support, deploy and achieve yield performance goals.

Yield Training & Mentoring

Training, education and coaching in yield principles, practices and deployment focus on creation of 90-day yield sprints. Hands-on approach transitions revenue cycle operations teams to high-performing yield management teams with leadership skills for root-cause corrective action.

Structured Process

Framework for daily and weekly team collaboration, and comprehensive monthly performance reviews and reports focus on process management to meet yield objectives.

Client Success Support Team

Experts in yield methodology deployment support implementation and leadership coaching, including dedicated analysts to provide ongoing opportunity identification and prioritization.