A different approach to revenue cycle management makes all the difference

Currance partners with you to blend compassionate human and digital resources across your revenue cycle to deliver high-performing teams, improved data accuracy, streamlined processes, and optimized performance. 

Hero Approach

Currance Yield Performance System ℠

Deliver sustainable results by leveraging revenue cycle solutions with intelligent automation, prioritized workflows, optimized processes, advanced analytics and workforce development to maximize cash yield from earned revenues. 

Yield Performance Approach

Yield performance approach 

Deliver sustainable results by leveraging a yield performance system to maximize cash yield from earned revenues:

  • Drive peak performance with advanced yield analytics
  • Leverage data to identify and optimize critical path process-level issues
  • Automate with prioritized workflows for greater efficiency
  • Create and operate a work management system for a streamlined process
  • Align and incentivize teams to deliver continuous improvement and workforce development
  • Eliminate downstream errors and measure for improvements
Workflows Algorithms

Workflows & algorithms 

Drive better team performance through operational analytics & intelligent workflows: 

  • Eliminate manual processes with patented, multi-factor algorithm to prioritize highest impact accounts to be worked first
  • Automate workflows eliminating low value- added work efforts to deliver a performance culture of continuous improvement.
Data Curation Automation

Data curation & automation

Leverage data to automate work efforts to accurately resolve insurance balances with intelligent prioritization and root cause insights: 

  • Automated denial resolution & prevention
  • Patient data discovery & verification
  • Insurance discovery
  • Real-time claim status
Reporting Analytics

Reporting & analytics

Precision measurement delivers revenue cycle yield performance in real-time:  

  • Earned revenue
  • Yield & process analytics
  • Denial heat maps
  • Payer performance
  • Team scorecards

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