Get the Currance Yield Performance System Working for You

Currance streamlines workflows with the support of automation, optimal organizational design, advanced analytics and workforce development. It’s how we’re enabling healthcare organizations to convert 2 to 6% more earned revenue to cash every day.

More Cash from Earned Revenue

How we help you maximize yield and efficiency:
  • Design and manage efficient workflows
  • Provide advanced account-level analytics
  • Optimize and automate processes
  • Boost operations with on-demand resources and executive support
  • Create and sustain a culture of performance
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Yield Performance Approach

Empower Rev-Cycle teams to solve problems to drive performance:
  • Tracks velocity and accuracy of cash payments
  • Identification of process failures as they occur
  • Analyzes under payments for the root cause
  • Support an operational viewpoint of performance
  • Provides clear path to improvement
Yield Performance Approach Chart

Currance Actively Engages
with Customers to Support Adoption of the
Yield Performance System

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Yield-Based Process Optimization

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Focus On Systems and Technology Enablement

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Workforce Engagement

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Change Management

Currance High Performance Work Teams

Our unique approach to High Performance Work Teams integrates billers, collectors, and reimbursement specialists into autonomous, cross-functional teams where work, knowledge, and information can flow freely, uninhibited by departmental barriers or cubicle walls. Team members work together to achieve a positive outcome — and maximize revenue cycle yield.

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 Flexible, Nimble Staffing Model

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Workforce Development & Retention

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Yield Training and Mentoring

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Team-Specific Goals

Entry Points For Wherever You Are
In Your Rev-Cycle Journey

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Yield Intelligence & Analytics

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Yield Performance Platform

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