Why I Chose Currance

After spending nearly four decades in healthcare industry, I was thrilled to be named President & COO of Currance. I knew it was the right career move for me because Currance offers a completely new and interesting way to look at the revenue cycle. That’s what I had been missing.  

Why Currance? Three Ways We are Different from the Competition

Currance Chief Development Officer, Adam Halberda, shares how we are different from the competition. For starters, we don’t see ourselves as a vendor but rather a performance partner delivering sustained rev-cycle yield improvement.

Why we need a flexible staffing model for today’s revenue cycle

Providers are faced with ever-changing challenges and problems. What clients like best about working with Currance is that we’ve created a business model that is nimble and flexible even when nobody knows what that next problem could be.   

Is It Time for a New Perspective on RCM Staffing?

Every RCM manager knows labor needs. To augment this insight, we suggest a new perspective focusing on the product of that labor – cash collections – which is the true measure of revenue cycle efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Currance Built High Performance Work Teams

We’ve learned one revenue cycle agent can’t be responsible for everything that happens across the revenue cycle. It leads to disengagement, frustration and lower productivity levels.  That’s why we created High Performance Work Teams at every level of the revenue cycle.

What’s Inside Your Rev-Cycle Workflow Tool?

As operators, the Currance team recognized the need for a revenue cycle workflow tool that does more than create work queues based on criteria. The goal was to help our customers collect more earned revenue with the same, if not less, human capital resources.

5 Phases Of Building High Performance Work Teams

Currance High Performance Work Teams build on the insight that a world-class revenue cycle requires more than using high-end technologies and doing a few things well. It requires an organizational structure that intrinsically and continuously improves.

Creating Rev-Cycle Champions with Systems Tools & Culture

At Currance we’ve been working with Rev-Cycle teams for 20 years and we know how difficult this job is. Often Rev-Cycle teams that are underperforming are in need of tools that provide operational insights that drive continuous and sustained performance improvements.

Experience the Rev-Cycle Difference with Currance