Why Currance? Three Ways We are Different from the Competition

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Headshot Adam Halberda

By: Adam Halberda, Chief Development Officer

For starters, we don’t see ourselves as a vendor. Our clients consider us a trusted advisor. We’re here to help improve your revenue cycle processes and get everything in tip-top shape, but then, we’ll give you back the reins so that you can empower your team to maximize your revenue. Here’s an inside look at what makes us different than other vendors you’ve talked to:  

Precision measurement 

Revenue cycle industry indicators are based on averages. But with our tools, everything is precisely measured. Our formula is simple: We use current cash divided by earned revenue. We’re not mixing and matching one month’s cash over another month’s net revenue. With precision measuring — when things don’t hit expectations — we can find out why.   

With our analytic tools, we can find the answers to these questions:   

  • What’s the performance of the revenue cycle?  
  • What’s the performance of a revenue cycle team? 
  • What’s the performance of a revenue cycle individual? 

By knowing all the answers, we can see when something’s going right or wrong. The blame game is over. Precision measurement eliminates the noise because it’s based on the inputs and outputs of what a team is doing.  

Prioritizations of work efforts 

With our workforce tool, agents are presented with the most important accounts to do first. Agents can’t say, “I want to work the easy stuff today.” The reason why our tool puts up the hardest accounts first is that we know that will drive the best results for your organization. Whether it’s dollar collections or percentage earned revenue collected, our AI-driven workforce tool knows what agents need to focus on each day.  

Powering your team to sustain results  

Hospitals are missing out on the technology tools that will help them get the most out of their team members. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to empower your revenue cycle team with the right tools that can help your staff do their jobs better. We want to empower your team to drive and sustain performance. Sustainability is key because our goal for clients is to get them to a place where they can self-manage. We like to think of it as, “Have your cake and eat it too.” What we mean by that is to have all the benefits of outsourcing by accessing our flex workforce while maintaining the visibility and control of a fully in-sourced revenue cycle. 


To find out more about our approach we call Hybrid Revenue Cycle management, shoot us an email ( to discuss your people, process, and technology needs for increasing yield performance.  

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