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Why I Chose Currance

After spending nearly four decades in healthcare industry, I was thrilled to be named President & COO of Currance. I knew it was the right career move for me because Currance offers a completely new and interesting way to look at the revenue cycle. That’s what I had been missing.  

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Currance Overview

Partnering to Take Revenue Cycle Performance to the Next Level

Yield Methodology

Optimize operations with Rev-Cycle Yield℠ Performance methodology

Currance Rev-Cycle Support

Implementation services, operational advisory, and ongoing support models

Flex Workforce

Scale up and down highly trained, certified virtual teams with data insights

Currance Analytics

Business intelligence to improve operations and maximize net collections

Currance Workflow

Maximize cash collections with AI-powered workflows


Drive individual and team productivity to improve performance

Featured eBook: Empowering a Predictable Revenue Cycle

Introducing a Different Approach: Yield Methodology. The yield approach reveals opportunities to fine-tune processes, increase visibility with predictive analytics, and improve revenue cyle efficiency with AI-powered workflow automation.

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