Rev-Cycle Differently

The Currance Yield Performance SystemSM makes it easier for healthcare organizations to close the gap between cash collections and earned revenue faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Currance Introduces
Hybrid Rev-Cycle Management

Our patented hybrid approach uses both financial and operational yield metrics to measure performance.
While our unique approach leverages data to integrate people, process, technology and a management system that empowers high-performance work teams to collect more cash from earned revenue.

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Rev-Cycle Yield


Collect more cash from
earned revenue.

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Nonvalue Work


From transactional activities
to standard and effective.

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AR Days


Accelerated cash from
earned revenue.

The Best of Both Worlds in Rev-Cycle


Empower the whole team to identify, fix and resolve problems for sustained efficiency improvement.


Increase effectiveness in collecting more earned revenue with the Currance AI-powered and patented tools.

Currance Focus

Illustration Careers

With precise and shared metrics based on yield, we cocreate a corrective action system for revenue cycle processes. Currance support services are designed to enable us to partner with customers as they adopt our patented yield methodology and tools. Teams across the entire rev-cycle shift from chasing performance to working more efficiently, increasing yield and lowering costs.

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Currance Analytics, Workflow, and Collaboration tools enable remote high performance revenue cycle teams to be more effective and efficient. Real-time operational metrics and precise performance reporting provide next level insights across the revenue cycle. A patented prioritization algorithm generates dynamic work queues so collectors can work the right claim at the right time. Our virtual environment was purpose-built for teams adopting the Currance yield methodology and tools.

Illustration Hiigh Performance

Build a foundation for transformation by empowering the whole team to shift from a transactional mindset to one of process management. Comprehensive leadership and technical training help teams adopt new data-driven team and individual KPIs, and a new standardized corrective-action approach.

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Outcomes-based and structured as a flexible partnership, we leverage a consultative approach to deliver best-fit coaching, mentoring and support for your people and organizational culture. Align teams and standardize processes across the revenue cycle with real-time analytics and operational insights to deliver stronger yield performance.

The Hybrid Rev-Cycle Management Solution

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Flex Workforce

Bridge resource gaps with flexible, scalable staffing.

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Yield Intelligence & Analytics

Empower high-performance work teams to use account-level analytics for root cause intelligence.

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Yield Performance Platform

Prioritize, automate and optimize workflows.

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