The New Standard in Rev-Cycle Collaboration

Introducing Performance Partnering.

Precision analytics and patented yield-calculating technology plus a comprehensive training and engagement process. Uniquely integrated to create high-performing collaborative teams.

Developed by executives with decades of nationwide revenue cycle experience, our proprietary approach partners with clients to unite intelligent automation and proven methodology—achieving a new standard for patient-centered organizations.


Revenue Cycle Management

Collaboration for Predictable Outcomes and a Sustainable Process

For more productive and predictable RCM results than conventional relationships achieve, Currance empowers you to maintain command and control of your bottom line through a strategic alliance.

We infuse your existing revenue cycle with investments in:

  • Proven technology leveraging automation and analytics
  • Leadership and team member development
  • Subject matter expertise and best practices

Performance Partnering helps your organization:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Manage culture change
  • Increase workforce knowledge, performance, and retention

The sustainable return on your investment includes increased performance yield, enhanced patient experience and decreased costs.

Extended Business Office Solutions

Performance Partnering for Flexible Capacity

Currance provides qualified, certified teams structured to assist as needed, whenever needed, to help you turn active receivables into cash. This flexibility to accommodate different business models for outsourcing extends the capabilities of your business office to:

  • Optimize net revenue
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Increase system conversion productivity

Our proprietary technologies maximize your performance yield.

  • CollectLogix™ offers proven workflow management, robotic process automation (RPA), account suppression and auto-routing to increase outcomes.
  • ScoreLogix™ ensures transparency, with individual scorecards across multiple factors, and operational metrics reporting.

Patients also benefit through a better customer service and payer relations experience delivered by certified and mentored Account Representatives.

Revenue Cycle Consulting

Strategic Support to Maximize Financial and Operational Benefits

Offering end-to-end RCM expertise, the Currance team of highly qualified, rev-cycle transformation leaders collaborates with you to enhance your organization’s performance.

From strategy and organizational design, to performance review and KPI gap analysis, Currance supplies comprehensive assessment capabilities and data-analytic technology to help you adopt best-practice processes and drive a culture of accountability by:

  • Evaluating specific areas and developing immediate enhancements as well as longer-term plans
  • Assessing and planning to address remote workforce performance


Tools That Make the Most of Earned Revenue

The Currance suite of analytics and performance yield-calculating technology is key to maximizing the conversion of contracted earned revenue to cash. This level of precision allows for rapid denial root cause identification and a critical path for future sustainability.

Currance ScoreLogix Revenue Cycle Management Technology


Yield-based reporting across platforms and organizational units

  • Actionable performance dashboards
  • Hot spotting denial and yield heatmaps
  • Comprehensive organization and individual performance scorecards
Currance CollectLogix Revenue Cycle Management Technology


Statistically prioritized A/R workflow tool designed to maximize yield and minimize write-offs

  • Rule-based denial and underpayment workflow
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness with computer assisted follow-up
  • Minimize human touches with robotic process automation (RPA), account suppression and auto-routing

How can Performance Partnering help you achieve precision yield measurement that drives higher quality revenue cycle process outcomes? Find out when you explore the potential of a collaborative relationship with Currance.

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