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By: Scott Gunther

Did you know that having an engaged revenue cycle workforce gives you a competitive advantage? That’s because everyone wants to be an employer of choice. But far too often, this is overlooked.  

What a shame. Because If you’re an employer of choice, you get way more out of your team members from a productivity and a quality perspective. Whether your team is doing work in a processing center or working from home, “buy-in” happens when there’s higher engagement.  

Leaders need to know that how you treat your team is how they will treat whoever they serve — patients, certain accounts or processes across your hospital’s revenue cycle. As a revenue cycle leader, you want to create an atmosphere where people put their hearts into what they do every day. 

What we’ve learned is that one revenue cycle agent can’t be responsible for everything that happens daily. It leads to disengagement, frustration and lower productivity levels.  

That’s why we created High Performance Work Teams, at every level of the revenue cycle there is heavy people dependency. Currance can hire an associate from any other sector e.g. service industry, and train them to become managers within six months. Our unique approach to sourcing, hiring, training, workforce development, tools, and approach to managing the teams with shift briefings, process failure reporting, all creates a very different way revenue cycle teams work in such a way, that every associate feels their work matters. 

Then, these people can coordinate with other team members to share their knowledge and influence their performance. This helps a tremendous amount with  
feeling valued and employee retention. 

The backbone of HPWTs is an organizational structure that is focused on continuously improving. HPWTs involve billers, collectors and reimbursement specialists — all working together, with information flowing freely, with no restrictions as to “who should be doing what and when.”   

Because we’re using precise calculations, we can see performance at the account level and various process aspects across the revenue cycle. Since we can break things down we know what’s happening across the organization. For instance, the government team will have a different set of goals than the commercial team. Having specific, tailored goals for each team drives performance because teams want to exceed their goals and challenge each other to exceed set targets.  

Having team goals is what an HPWT is all about. It encourages people to work together to achieve a positive outcome — and maximize your revenue cycle yield.  


Learn more about the 5 phases of HPWTs.   

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