From Insight to Action: Next Level Rev-Cycle Analytics

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In this video, learn how Currance drives increased Revenue Cycle performance for healthcare providers with a new approach to analytics, root cause analysis and problem management. Currance Analytics allows our customers to filter accounts quickly for problem solving in near real time.  By integrating seamlessly with Currance Workflow, Rev-Cycle teams have a backbone of a data-driven tools to manage processes and continuous improvement as opposed to managing to exceptions.  

What’s different about Currance?  

Integrate Revenue Cycle Operational Data to Create a Next Best Action Culture. 

Today Revenue Cycle teams are experienced and mature at running reports and analyzing data inputs for financial performance. Currance tools integrate operational data adding to mature analytics tools and practices so that operators can problem solve and more importantly BUILD A DATA-DRIVEN INSIGHTS TO NEXT BEST ACTION CULTURE

By using data to uncover process improvements, Revenue Cycle teams can focus on next level work. 

Currance Analytics & Currance Workflow convert insights into ACTION for RevCycle teams and identify opportunities for Intelligent Automation and AI for:  

  • Operational Efficiency  
  • Improving team performance  
  • And, talent retention  

Currance Analytics and Workflow tools are built with patented technology to look at Revenue Cycle data differently. By building reports from the account level up to an aggregated view Rev-Cycle reports and workflows that leverage the Currance algorithm are more precise, filtering out noise that can mask opportunities to convert every possible dollar of earned revenue to cash  

Bring Next Best Action to Revenue Cycle Operators and real-time analytics and problem management built for Rev-Cycle Teams. Visit or email us at mailto:sales@currance.comto schedule a demo.  

Ready to revenue
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