Discover Currance Flex Workforce Solutions


In this video we provide an overview of how Currance can empower or augment your rev-cycle teams with Flex Workforce Solutions. Currance teams focus on optimal efficiency and flexibility while increasing Revenue Cycle performance with a highly trained and certified virtual workforce.  

What Currance offers 

Currance provides a virtual workforce, comprised of specialized FTEs, that can provide project-based support, flex to support internal teams during high volume periods, or outsource the revenue cycle end-to-end. All managed services sit on top of the core Currance Analytics and Workflow tools, leveraging data sourced from the client’s systems. These services are designed to be transformational and are ideal for clients struggling with bandwidth, resources, and performance.

Bridge The Gap With Flexible Staffing

Regardless of how you manage your Revenue Cycle, we create the best fit for your virtual staffing needs based on:

  • Short term need
  • Performance
  • Budget

Seamlessly Scale Up & Down

Flexibility to use as a stand-alone workforce, extension to existing teams, or to jointly operate. Change scope without re-negotiating with:

  • On Demand Workforce
  • Joint Management
  • Predictive Resourcing

Discover the Difference 

Currance Flex Workforce Solutions leverage our investment in tools and methodologies that establish a “next best action” culture to achieve peak rev-cycle performance. With Currance Analytics and Workflow tools Rev-Cycle teams perform next-level root cause analysis and can even train customers to adopt the approach for internal Rev-Cycle teams. 

Learn how you can harness our virtual rev-cycle experts to optimize, augment, or grow your team. Visit or email to arrange a next-step conversation. 

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