Proven Software Tools Enable Successful WFH Environments

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Software facilitates virtual settings where managers, team members and clients can successfully connect and achieve proficiency with rev-cycle functions.

Even though some revenue cycle related activities for hospitals and health care organizations have been operating offsite for some time, the onset of the pandemic in March 2020 sent more team members home to work than ever before. This sudden push shined a spotlight on how vital established and verified remote workforce management tools, and training on these platforms, are to an organization’s success. What’s more, support and constant feedback from managers have emerged as essential components in accomplishing remote work goals. 

Tips on the best ways to position microphones and lighting solutions to improve the videoconference experience when working remotely are surely helpful to remote workers; however, a combination of actionable performance monitoring tools and the advancement of social virtual environments are behind successful remote workforces. 

As an example, a year prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forever changing the way we work, Currance began offering a work from home (WFH) policy to ensure a company’s performance standards were maintained, no matter the location of the team member. These existing measures enabled companies using Currance’s remote work software tools to send 100 percent of their employees home to work within a weekend’s time frame. The WFH policy includes features such as:

  • A home certification process to ensure a team member’s success in establishing a home office
  • Deploying productivity and performance monitoring tools to track an individual’s metrics
  • Offering CollabApp, which allows team members to virtually connect with everyone in their group, from asking questions and sharing documents to social interactions, similar to what they would find in an in-person office environment

Secure remote workforce software management tools have emerged as a leading instrument for success when it comes to Work From Home. For example

virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) such as Currance’s RemoteLogix offer network environments that facilitate high performance results from your team members.

The network includes tools such as softphone, videoconferencing, single sign-on, multifactor authentications, inbound/outbound call center management and more. Through VDIs, managers, team members and clients can visually engage with each other. The productivity and performance of team members can be monitored through features such as Active Track, ScoreLogix and CollectLogix. In addition to tracking metrics, managers can ascertain who might be experiencing feelings of isolation and loneliness; therefore, they can engage with them and promote opportunities to engage in daily briefings, monthly town halls, virtual happy hours and other activities to foster feelings of belonging.

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Formed by revenue cycle industry leaders, Currance is a Rev-Cycle Performance solutions company focused on empowering community providers, physician practices and healthcare systems to achieve and sustain yield performance improvement. Currance’s strategy of Performance Partnering supports your own team by offering everything needed to drive yield performance: an intelligent technology platform that integrates with existing systems, tailored solutions, and professional services for operationalizing the technology and sustaining exceptional results.

The Currance approach encompasses best-in-class knowledge of revenue cycle management, proprietary technologies, and the proven ability to engage, train, and mentor employees, adding value to clients’ organizations. We embrace a mindset rooted in science and operational experience, enabling highly efficient processes and precise workflow design that improve profitability and help build patient-centered, high-performing organizations. For complete details, visit

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