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Logix Platform

Powering high-performance rev-cycle operations

With a focus on maximizing yield and team collaboration, the Logix™ Platform provides a comprehensive suite of technologies for driving continuous revenue cycle improvement. It integrates with your existing EMR infrastructure and provides all the tools required to create sustainable results. The Logix™ Platform allows you to complement your existing IT environment. 


Actionable Insights into Rev-Cycle Performance

This integrated, real-time reporting platform empowers revenue cycle leaders to see how their team performs in support of overall revenue yield goals.

Precise metrics isolate revenue cycle performance to reveal actionable data displayed in easy-to-understand formats such as heat maps, run charts, and audit lists.

Comprehensive organizational and individual scorecards supply leaders with the information they need to keep their fingers on the pulse of revenue performance and isolate root cause issues.



Maximize Yield by Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness

Statistically-driven A/R workflow tool maximizes efficiency with computer-assisted guidance that assures consistency and efficacy with a one-touch approach.

Patented, AI-based account assignment and robotic process automation (RPA) dynamically group accounts to maximize yield and minimize write-offs to deliver optimal rev-cycle performance.



Fully Integrated Remote Workforce-Management Tool

RemoteLogixTM is a data-driven approach to help elevate productivity while monitoring performance. It is built for high-performance teams with a virtual office environment so team members, managers, and clients can visually engage with each other.

Our proprietary technology platform delivers the next generation of virtual infrastructure, connecting work-from-home team members with each other and with systems and applications, while giving managers full visibility in a secure HIPAA/HITECH-compliant environment.


Highest Level of Compliance with Security, Reliability and Privacy

The Currance Logix™ Platform is SOC 2 certified and compliant with the highest standards in the industry. Your data is backed up automatically and it’s always stored redundantly.

Complement Your EHR and Other Systems

The Currance Logix™ Platform integrates with existing IT environments, including EHRs such as Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech, eClinicalWorks, and NextGen, as well as other enterprise systems. By providing new capabilities – AI-based analytics, automated A/R workflow tools, collaboration and productivity tools, and professional services – Currance allows you to complement your current IT environment.