Supercharge Your Efficiency and Effectiveness

Prioritize, Automate and Optimize the revenue cycle with Currance Yield Performance Tools, Playbooks and Support.

Currance patented AI-powered tools increase effectiveness in collecting more earned revenue.

Empower the whole team to identify, fix and resolve problems for sustained efficiency improvement.

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Empower Rev-Cycle Teams

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Precision Measurement

Understand actual revenue cycle yield performance in real time.

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Root Cause Analysis

Identify process failures as they occur through root cause analysis account-level audits.

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High Performance Teams

Support efficient workflows and actionable insights for high performance work teams.

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Team Engagement

Foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the revenue cycle based on actionable data.

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Integrated Tools

Empower rev-cycle teams to drive performance through Operational Analytics & AI-powered Workflows.

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Efficient Workflows

Using a patented 11-factor algorithm, prioritize and optimize workflows to increase effectiveness.

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Account Level Analytics

Gain a real-time data-driven view of earned revenue at the account level.

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Process Efficiency

Create a continuous improvement culture optimizing processes across the rev-cycle.

Currance Architecture

Seamlessly integrate powerful RCM technology into existing systems. Increase precision analytics for yield performance, staff efficiency and real-time visibility across the revenue cycle.


Integrates With Your EHR And Other Systems

The Currance Platform integrates with existing EHRs and other enterprise systems. Our precision analytics, AI-powered workflow, and collaboration tools were built to complement your current environment to deliver additional performance and efficiency across the revenue cycle.

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