About Us

Formed by RCM leaders in 2020, Currance is a technology-enabled revenue cycle firm offering healthcare clients the new standard in rev-cycle collaboration: Performance Partnering that creates deeper working relationships for superior analytic insights that sustainably improve performance yield and process outcomes. Our executive team averages more than 20 years’ experience in building trust with clients and helping them enhance their capabilities to achieve peak performance, cost management and enhanced patient satisfaction. The Currance approach encompasses best-in-class knowledge of healthcare RCM, proprietary technologies, and the proven ability to engage, train, and mentor employees, adding value to clients’ organizations. We embrace an engineering mindset rooted in science and operational experience, enabling highly reliable processes and precise workflow design that improve profitability and help build patient-centered, high-performing organizations.

Our Team

Currance RCM Michael Halberda portrait

Michael D. Halberda

Chief Executive Officer

Michael draws on more than 40 years of healthcare RCM leadership in a variety of senior management positions. He specializes in time-efficient execution and oversight of the organization’s strategic plans. Respected throughout the healthcare industry as a leader and innovator, in 2001 he co-founded Cymetrix Inc., a national leader in providing healthcare organizations and hospital-affiliated physician practices with end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions. In 2014, Navigant Consulting Inc. (now Guidehouse) acquired Cymetrix Inc. to strengthen their business portfolio.

Currance RCM Mischa Dick portrait

Mischa Dick

Chief Operating Officer

Mischa has been a RCM leader for more than 15 years. At Currance, he focuses on client delivery and new product development for Project Services, IT Solutions and Outsourced Services. An expert in operations and financial analysis, smart workflow design and organizational development, Mischa has worked for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Piedmont Health, CHRISTUS Health, Houston Healthcare, Regional One Health, and Maine Health. Previously a contributor to BMW Rolls-Royce, Xerox, PPG and AlliedSignal, he is an original Master Black Belt and Sensei in Six Sigma techniques and Lean Manufacturing.

Currance RCM Jeffrey MacDonald portrait

Jeffrey MacDonald

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff’s 20 years of experience include hands-on leadership with a proven track record for directing and overseeing corporate financial and administrative activities in the healthcare field. Working closely with the chief executive officer of Currance and other executives, he coordinates planning and establishes priorities that will have an impact on future growth in sales and market share. Prior to joining Currance, Jeff co-founded RCM leader Cymetrix Inc. and held a variety of senior management positions at several nationally known healthcare financial consulting firms.

Currance RCM Marj Green portrait

Marj Green

Chief Product Officer

Marj draws on more than 20 years of experience to lead Currance product development. She guides the design, build and delivery of products, services and engagements to provide measurable results and excellent experiences for customers. In 1997, Marj co-founded HEI Health to assemble and implement best practices and solutions across automation, productivity technology, analytics, remote workforce and education. Her experience includes Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Piedmont Health and CHRISTUS Health, among others. She is an original Master Black Belt and Sensei in Six Sigma techniques and Lean Manufacturing.

Currance RCM Adam Halberda portrait

Adam Halberda

Chief Business Development Officer

Adam applies more than a decade of operations and financial experience to develop and implement growth strategies for the achievement of revenue goals. His blend of analytical talent and business know-how identifies new market opportunities and knows what it takes to lead a team forward to realize these opportunities. Adam’s management experience in designing and controlling business process operations brings a unique perspective and specialized knowledge to interactions with shareholders, executives and clients on a daily basis. Prior to Currance, Adam held senior management positions at RCM leader Cymetrix Inc.

Currance RCM Scott Gunther portrait

Scott Gunther

Chief People and Experience Officer

Scott’s 25-year career as a human capital and organizational development expert includes implementing standards and profit gains in multiple industries. Scott specializes in designing and facilitating leadership, service and culture strategies. At Currance he is responsible for all aspects of the organization’s overall people and service strategies. Prior to joining Currance, Scott held senior leadership positions within numerous Fortune 500 companies including RCM leader Cymetrix Inc. and The Walt Disney Company.

Mark Sonneborn

Senior Vice President, Solutions Innovation

Mark has been involved in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years with associations focused on hospital issues. His diverse professional expertise runs the gamut from strategic planning, to operations and process optimization, online analytic tools and quality improvement. Mark’s previous leadership responsibilities include positions with the Minnesota Hospital Association, Michigan Health & Hospital Association and Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council. A Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives®, he holds an MS in Health Policy & Management from the University of Massachusetts.

Currance RCM Alejandro Pagnone portrait

Alejandro Pagnone

Vice President, Business Intelligence and Analytics

Alejandro’s decades of experience make him one of Currance’s most experienced employees. He leads the TRT, Operations Analysis, and Asset Management teams, where his strong analytical skills and business knowledge have been a driving force behind the development of organizational performance assessments and Currance software solutions. Alejandro formerly facilitated large-scale project work in both the healthcare and manufacturing industries. His previous experience includes project management and quality control for AmBev (now AB InBev).

Currance RCM Cassandra Hogan portrait

Cassandra Hogan

Vice President, Patient Financial Services

Cassandra has worked in hospital revenue cycle operations for more than 30 years. Her specialty is creating and implementing large Central Business Office operations and mentoring revenue cycle leaders with a focus on applying Toyota Production System methods. Prior to coming to Currance, Cassandra was a Corporate Director of PFS for a large, not-for-profit hospital system in Texas. Organizations that Cassandra has worked for have won multiple industry awards, including HFMA’s Patient Friendly Billing and MAP awards.

Currance RCM Timothy Gould portrait

Timothy Gould

Vice President, Customer On-Site Operations

Tim is a revenue cycle leader with 35 years of experience, including management of day-to-day operations for hospitals, physician practices and health plans. He has an extensive background in project management, quality management, strategic planning, vendor selection and system implementation, including developing solutions to save costs, improve organizational margins, and drive customer satisfaction. Prior to Currance, Tim held senior leadership roles at Navigant Consulting Inc., Cymetrix Inc., CSC/Computer Science Corp., First Consulting Group, Presbyterian Health System, and HealthTrust, Inc. He also is a Certified Project Manager.

Currance RCM Ryan O'Hara portrait

Ryan O’Hara

Vice President, Customer On-Site Operations

Ryan has 20 years of revenue cycle operations experience working in independent and health system environments across the country. At Currance, he works with every member of the revenue cycle team to develop talent, deliver measurable performance, improve workflow efficiency, manage cost, and improve patient experience. Ryan’s diverse executive leadership roles include end-to-end revenue cycle management, patient advocacy, technology-enablement, air & ground ambulance operations, and plant management. He is a charter member and serves on the Advisory Board of the RCM Leaders Forum.

Currance RCM Markus Schippel portrait

Markus Schippel

Director of Development

Markus has more than 20 years of experience architecting and developing enterprise business applications. He is the Director of Software Development and Senior Developer at Currance, with a focus on database design. Markus’ wide range of data transformation and analysis skills are utilized during the initial phase of bringing in new hospital client data. They also are integral to new Currance product development initiatives dedicated to advancing the technology of revenue cycle management tools.